The Strength of Educators

The Strength of Educators

Instructor Deborah Merriam

Course Number PRDV 75929

  • $ 59500

This course is designed to inspire teachers, administrators, school counselors, and additional support professionals to understand and design supports for themselves and their students who may be struggling with meeting and exceeding current expectations. Through active discussions, exploration of current research, and reflective practice, participants will deepen their understanding and appreciation of their current strengths, accomplishments and aspirations, while developing effective interventions to overcome possible future challenges.

Diverse learning needs, multicultural factors, current research, and best practices in educational settings PK – 12 are explored.

This course meets for a total of 45 hours instructional contact hours with a minimum of 20 hours focusing on instruction, best practices, and current research with regard to strategies for effective inclusive practice for students with disabilities/diverse learning needs.

Location: Online

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits

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