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Become an Instructor for NCTA

Application process


All documentation should be submitted in one complete package to the Norfolk County Teachers Association Director of Graduate Programs. Course instructors must have a minimum of a Master’s degree and two years of work experience in the area in which they will be presenting. In order to seek approval as adjunct faculty at Framingham State University, potential instructors must submit to NCTA:

  • A current resume
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Two current letters of recommendation (written within the past three years)
  • A complete 3-graduate credit course syllabus

Documentation must include a detailed three-graduate credit course syllabus. Three graduate credits are awarded for a class that meets weekly three and a half hours per week for twelve weeks (total 37.5 hours).  When submitting a course for approval for the first time, specific starting and end dates and/or times for the class must be included.

All new 3-graduate credit courses are submitted electronically to NCTA. The course is then  submitted, to the FSU Graduate Education Council for approval. The Council membership includes university graduate faculty, college administrators.  The Council reviews each course for its academic quality and rigor to ensure that it meets the high standards of a graduate level course at FSU. If the Graduate Education Council approves a course, no further approval is needed to offer the same course again

If an NCTA instructor develops a course that is similar to one that has already received Graduate Education Council approval, the proposed course may be assigned an existing course number and title. However, this does not apply to a course that another NCTA instructor is teaching. A complete listing of previously approved courses is included in “Course Descriptions” on our website: .

3 Graduate Credit Course Syllabus Requirements

These syllabus guidelines must be followed.   Please include the following topics in your syllabus:

Course information – course number and title, meeting times and dates, and instructor’s name, telephone number, and e-mail.
Course description – with the exception of the opening lines, descriptions should be written in complete sentences. The description should be clear and brief.

Course objectives – clearly state what the student is expected to gain upon completion of the course.
Course expectations – clearly state your expectations regarding attendance, class participation, missed exams, and assignment due dates.

Course content/outline – include a weekly schedule of the topics that will be covered and assignments due for that week.

Course text and materials – required course text(s) with full bibliographic citation(s), and other readings required or suggested for the course.

Course Requirements – descriptions of papers, projects, exams, assignments, and any other requirements to successfully complete the course.
Grading criteria – be very specific. The grading breakdown should be shown in percentages.


Credits earned from Professional Development Courses are not applicable to a Degree Program offered by Framingham State University. The credits may be transferred to other college degree programs with their permission.


Submit grades electronically via FSU portal.  Send a screen shot to and 

Students who take the course for FSU credit, the instructor will submit the grades to FSU electronically. Shortly after receiving the completed grade sheet, participants can access their grade report online or request an official transcript from FSU Evaluation Forms and Attendance Sheets for onsite courses.

Online courses will use the FSU evaluation forms.

NCTA will provide course evaluation forms for each class that is being taught on site. Evaluation Forms are to be completed by course participants during the final class meeting, collected and mailed/sent to NCTA. Usually students fill these out with the instructor out of the room and a student collects them and seals them in an envelope to assure anonymity. Evaluation Forms for both On-Site and On-Line course can be found at: On-Line Evaluations can be emailed directly to the Director of Graduate Program  A copy of the attendance record, grades, and course evaluations are to be sent to the NCTA office at course completion.


The Cost (per course) for three (3) FSU credits is  $595.00


Honoraria per online course is $195 per student.

Honoraria (per face to face course)

STEPS                         1                2                3                  4                    5
18 or more students $3,100.00 $3,200.00  $3,100.00   $3,200.00   $3,300.00

16,17 students         $2,750.00  $2,850.00  $2,950.00   $3,050.00   $3,150.00

Under 16 students = Pay $195.00 per student

Effective September, 2023

INSTRUCTORS must teach a course for two semesters to move to the next step.

If there are fewer than 16 students in the course, the decision to run the course will be determined by the Director of Graduate Programs.

Instructor of a Graduate-level Course or Approved Equivalent for Educators

An instructor of a graduate-level course or approved equivalent is eligible to receive triple 37.5 PDPs per semester hour for the first time the course is taught in a five-year renewal cycle.  It's up to the instructor to be sure he/she applies only what is allowed.



Course Review Committee Policies


  1. Instructors will be notified, prior to the start of their course, the course title, number, date, time, location, and class enrollment. Salary will be according to the honoraria schedule.
  2. Instructors will prepare and present at the first class a course syllabus for each student and a copy will be provided to the NCTA Office to be placed on file. Instructor’s credentials must also be placed on file in the NCTA office.
  3. Instructors will not charge additional fees for web connectivity.

New Courses

All new courses must be 3 credits (37.5 Class Hours).

Instructors who choose an existing course from the list of approved FSU PD courses/numbers must develop and SEND a syllabus to the NCTA Director of Graduate Programs ( ). The course number and title must be given to the Director of Graduate Programs before work on the syllabus commences. The course, however, must not be one that is already taught by another NCTA Instructor. Once the NCTA Director has the syllabus, it will be reviewed and forwarded to Framingham State College’s Director of Professional Development Programs for approval. Courses needing Graduate Council Approval must be submitted 45 days prior to the next Graduate Council Meeting.  GCM schedule is posted each school year.   The FSU Director may approve an existing FSU PD course in less than 10 days.

To view available FSU PD courses, please return to “Interested in Being an Instructor for NCTA’ and open “Course Descriptions”.

If a new course is developed, one that is not presently on the approved FSU PD list, the approval process is timely. The syllabus will need to go before the University’s Graduate Council.  


1. Courses must meet the requirements of the Department of Education, 37.5 hours per 3 credits, to be offered. Classes missed due bad weather conditions must be made up a/o assigned an extra project, paper or assignment.

2. Instructors must adhere to the course time schedule as mandated by the Department of Education.

3. Students will be required to complete assigned projects, papers, and product based as defined by the instructor in the course syllabus.

4. All courses must be based on 12 lessons/modules. These lessons/modules are to be spread out over the course length. One per week in the Spring and Fall. Online classes, during the Summer session, must offer a new lesson/module every two days and are allowed to schedule the final as much as a week after the close of the Summer session. Students must not be allowed to complete any course, whether On-Site or On-Line, before the scheduled semester is over.