About Us

The Norfolk County Teachers Association was founded by Franklin’s own Horace Mann in 1849 and is the oldest teachers’ association in the country and is dedicated to the service of teachers and students.

Our programs and offerings include low-cost graduate level courses, $9,000.00 in classroom grant funding, $8,400.00 in student book awards, $6,000.00 student scholarship awards, two $1,000 teacher-member scholarships, and an annual meeting with all of our local presidents and MTA leadership are just a few examples of all that NCTA has designed, supported, and funded throughout the years.

Each year the ‘sold out’ Annual Awards Banquet honors teachers, laypeople, and students. All that we offer is made possible with a membership fee of only $12.00 and the efforts of the dedicated Board of Directors and Officers.  

NCTA Mission Statement

The Norfolk County Teachers Association is a non-profit educational organization that creates opportunities for learning and recognizes outstanding accomplishments within the educational community for its members in an ever-changing profession.