Why Gender Matters in Education

Why Gender Matters in Education

Instructor Anne Shute

Course Number PRDV 78926

  • $ 57500


 Boys and Girls in the Classroom:  Approaches to Reach All Students.Throughout this course, students will examine the impact of gender on students throughout their educational careers.  Students will learn about the differences in the development of the male and female brain and how this influences educational best practices.  Students will analyze how gender impacts language skills, as well as the development of mathematical and science skills.  In addition, gender differences in relation to mental health, behavior disorders, and special education will be analyzed with an emphasis on understanding how these gender differences impact school success.   Students will research a variety of interventions, such as the single sex classroom model, and accommodations that help both male and female students to work to their potential at school.  The content of this course aligns with the No Child Left Behind Act.

Location: Online

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits 

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