Trauma-Sensitive Schools:  Supporting Students Impacted by Trauma

Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Supporting Students Impacted by Trauma

Instructor Anne Shute

Course Number PRDV 76926

  • $ 59500

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education acknowledges that students attending Massachusetts schools are impacted by traumatic stress and in their commitment to address the learning needs of all students, they recognize the need for trauma sensitive practices. Throughout this course, students will examine the impact of trauma on students throughout their educational careers.  Students will research traumatic stress and will learn about the many sources of trauma that may impact children and adolescents.  Current research regarding how traumatic events impact brain development, language development, attachment and emotion regulation will be explored and examined.  Students will analyze how these factors influence students at school and will apply this information to their current educational role.   Utilizing research based models, students will develop concrete strategies that help students impacted by trauma to learn to cope with the social and educational demands of school in a more effective manner.  Specific steps and policies for creating trauma sensitive schools and classrooms will be studied.  Students will also gain an understanding of the importance of self-care while working with students and families impacted by trauma and will create a self-care plan.

Required Text: Reaching and Teaching Children Who Hurt: Strategies for Your Classroom (Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Maryland) Craig, Susan E. (2008). 

Location: Online

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits  

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