Strategies for Reaching and Reclaiming Today's Students

Strategies for Reaching and Reclaiming Today's Students

Instructor Edward Holland

Course Number PRDV 78314

  • $ 57500

Considers a combination of theories, strategies, and practices to address the needs of children and students at risk in the educational setting. Building upon traditional philosophy and educational commitment with current research and proven strategies, this course strives to fulfill the promise that all children and teachers can succeed. Participants explore the motives surrounding misbehavior and the desire to learn; how to create a Circle of Caring in the community and school, and consider specific interventions, strategies, and techniques to avoid and to diffuse potential conflict situations. Strategies for resolving conflict and for drawing troubled students back into the Circle of Caring are presented.

All materials provided within the course online.


Location: Online

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits



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