Bringing the World to Your Classroom

Bringing the World to Your Classroom

Instructor Elizabeth Angell

Course Number PRDV 77926

  • $ 52500

Consider broadening your classroom routine while increasing student interaction with a variety of new learning experiences.  There are a variety of high-interest, hands-on opportunities that will aid in student learning outcomes and student performance.  Participants will learn about and experience some of these community-based opportunities that are sure to improve your classroom lesson, and convey new and exciting learning to every learner in your classroom.


Location: HYBRID Course - Braintree High School

Onsite Dates: Wednesdays, 1/27/16, 2/3/16, 3/9/16, 4/13/16, and 4/27/15 (no class Feb. 17, and Apr. 20).

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits