A Multi-Tiered Approach to School Refusal

A Multi-Tiered Approach to School Refusal

Instructor Meg Kennedy

Course Number PRDV 78127

  • $ 57500

This course will provide evidence-based practices to address chronic absenteeism and school refusal behavior.  School based approaches to prevention, evaluation, intervention, and instruction using a multi-tiered guide. This course will explore the distinction between various forms of absenteeism, examining a number of related psychological disorders, including separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, social phobia, panic attacks, major depression, dysthymia, ADHD, and oppositional defiant disorder. This course will provide tools for a comprehensive functional analysis of  chronic absenteeism, intervention strategies, and the role and responsibility of school staff.  Through class discussions, reflections, readings, case studies and assignments, students will examine and analyze school absenteeism and the impact on academic, social and emotional functioning.

Location: Online

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits 

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