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SPRING 2022 Registration is now CLOSED

Spring course dates: January 24 - April 29, 2022

Spring courses are 12 weeks with no classes during February and April school breaks. 

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What are NCTA participants saying about our courses...

  • A very worthwhile course.
  • Love these course offerings, especially Deb Merriam’s classes. Thank you!
  • Great Class. Thank you for offering these classes.
  • This is a fabulous class. I wish I had taken it over the course of a semester instead of a summer intensive so that I had more time to process what I was learning.
  • The instructor was accessible. Helpful and pleasant!
  • This was my first NCTA class- wish I hadn’t waited so long! Thank you!
  • It would be great if NCTA offered more courses specific to the History/Social Studies content areas.
  • GREAT CLASS! I loved it!
  • Look forward to the fall coarse offerings!
  • This class exceeded my expectations. I learned from both the resources and the other teachers taking it and will refer back to my notes to myself throughout the year(s).
  • I enjoy the course and it helped me look into how I can make my lit circles better for my students.
  •  Great class, thank you!!
  • It was a quick pace but I got a lot out of the course. I would like to see more courses in the realm of social justice or anti-racist curriculum building.
  • The readings and websites offered were excellent. It was a fabulous course!
  • Erich did a great job setting up the course and letting it run without interference. He trusted his students to complete the work and follow the instructions. Kudos to him.
  • This course could not be needed more after this past year. I’m so grateful and plan to use what I have learned on day 1. In fact, I’m already using practices to prepare myself for a great new year. Thank you.
  • Loved the Silverman, ISeman, Jeweler reading. Considering the jargon-laden verbose and methodologically poor nature of most education reading I've seen, this book used concise clear language, and cited its evidence. MUCH APPRECIATED!
  • Great course!
  • One of the best classes I have taken in my 14-year teaching career!
  • Thank you! Great class to help armor me for the fall.

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