Professional Massachusetts Requirements

NCTA course offerings helping to meet

Professional Massachusetts Requirements


Teachers are responsible for confirming the courses they are taking meet their professional requirements. (Contact DESE.)  Of the one hundred fifty (150) PDPs designated in your Individual Professional Development Plan, fifteen (15) PDPs must be related to SEI or ESL. Courses that may help meet SEI OR ESL requirements are PRDV: 77923, 76117. Fifteen (15) PDPs must be in teaching students with disabilities and diverse learning styles. Courses that may help in meeting teaching students with disabilities and diverse learning styles requirement are PRDV: 79528, 77127, 75017, 75917, 75919, 77521, 78125, 78325, 78427, 79725, and 79126. Teachers should have basic technology skills such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, electronic presentation, web navigation, web-site design, file management, e-mail management, and web knowledge.

Courses that may help meet these skills are PRDV: 75115, 75016, 72216, 76915, and 75514.


Ninety (90) PDPs in your content area or in pedagogy, with no less than 60 PDPs in content is required. Most of our courses may help you meet this requirement.