Fall 2018 Course Offerings


Registration online at, Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Class Schedule: September 24, 2018 – December 14, 2018

PRDV Course Title Instructor Location

78123 A Comprehensive Study of Child Abuse and Neglect Meg Kennedy Online

78127 A Multi-Tiered Approach to School Refusal Meg Kennedy Online

75815 Academic Strategies for Developing Social Skills Eileen Page Onsite

76117 Adolescent Literacy in the Content Areas Jeannette McNair Online

75919 Assessment and Identification of Learning Disabilities Shawn Seybert Online

78015 Big Mathematical Ideas Jennifer Kafka Online

79421 Blended Teaching and Learning Jeannette McNair Online

75215 Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom Ann Shultz Online

72424 Comics: 21st Century Literature in the Classroom (6-12) Ann Shultz Online

75514 Computer Multimedia and the Curriculum Margaret Reiche Onsite

78914 Developing Instructional Materials for the Classroom Theodora Nikopoulos Onsite

78427 Ed. Alphabet Soup: Unlock the Puzzle of Ed Terms for Diverse Learner Deborah Merriam Online

79126 Examining Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in the School Setting Meg Kennedy Online

78125 Executive Functioning and Academic Achievement Deborah Merriam Online

79015 Exploring Pathways to Learning Sarah Shaw Online

77728 Global Voices Lori Ayotte Online

70317 Images of Women in American Film, Part 2 Marilyn Berman Onsite

75418 Integrating Natural History and Technology Margaret Reiche Onsite

78026 Integrating Visual Arts into Your Curriculum Jessica Zwillinger Online

78527 Jarring Juxtapositions: Pairing Contemporary Texts with the Classics Lori Ayotte Online

74684 Literature Circles and Responses Jennifer Kafka Online

TBA Mindfulness and Growth Mindset: Addressing the Needs of Diverse Learners Deborah Merriam Online

78525 Mood Disorders and Anxiety in the Classroom Anne Shute Online

78025 Partnering with Families: Strengthening the Home/School Connection Anne Shute Online

77214 Personality Types and Teaching Effectiveness D. Penny-Shaw Online

76915 Preparing Educators to Use Technology Jane Greenberg Online

79622 Prevention and Intervention of Bullying Sara Hurwitz Online

77123 Response to Intervention (RTI): Concepts and Applications for Educators Shawn Seybert Online

78423 Social Effects of Media on Children Meg Kennedy Online

78325 Strategies to Support Academic Achievement Deborah Merriam Online

78128 Stressed Out Teachers and Students Anne Shute Online

77127 Student Motivation and Self Assessment Deborah Merriam Online

77625 Supporting Students Through Difficult Times Deborah Merriam Online

77126 Teach Like a Writer: Writing For Yourself and With Your Students Lori Ayotte Online

78816 Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement Jen Iamele Savage Online

77923 Teaching English Language Arts in the 21st Century Jen Iamele Savage Online

78622 The Changing American Family Through Film Marilyn Berman Onsite

77314 The Journal: The Uses of Creative Writing to Enhance Curriculum Ann Shultz Online

79624 Understanding and Preventing Violence in Schools James Barrett Online

79725 Understanding and Teaching Students with Neurological Disorders Meg Kennedy Online

77521 Understanding Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) Sara Hurwitz Online

75917 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders Sara Hurwitz Online

73014 Understanding Our Students and Community James Barrett Online

75016 Web Research and Authoring For Educators Jane Greenberg Online

75115 Website Design and Management for Educators Jessica Zwillinger Online