Personality Types and Teaching Effectiveness

Personality Types and Teaching Effectiveness

Instructor Deb Penny - Shaw

Course Number PRDV 77214

  • $ 59500

This is an on-line course where the participants will develop strategies to enhance teaching effectiveness through definition and analysis of personality types. The use of enneagrams to identify personality types is considered.We are all driven by a deep inner restlessness. We may feel this restlessness as a sense that something is missing in us. We have all sorts of notions about what we think we need or want, a better job, a better relationship, a better car. We believe if we get any of these things we will feel satisfied and that restlessness feeling will go away. But experience teaches us that the new job or relationship only makes us feel better for a short time. In this course you will learn about different personality types and how learning about them will change your point of view on a number of issues. This course will help you answer the question, “So what are we really looking for.”


Reading Materials: Provided by the Instructor


Location: Online 

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits



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