Creating a Mindful Classroom

Creating a Mindful Classroom

Instructor Meg Kennedy

Course Number PRDV 77929

  • $ 59500

This course explores the concept of mindfulness as a tool to increase student engagement, cognition, positive behavior, and emotional regulation in students. Scientific research has shown that commitment to mindfulness in schools supports the development of healthy minds, engaged classrooms and productive learning environments.  Through mindfulness education and practice, participants will identify and implement practical strategies within the classroom to improve academic and emotional student outcomes. Teaching in a mindful classroom can help students effectively regulate emotions when faced with stressful situations. It encourages students to think clearly when confronted with academic challenges. Additionally, it will shape their demeanour in future situations and may positively affect their character.

Required Text: Burdick, Debra, Mindfulness Skills for Kids & Teens: A Workbook for Clinicians & Clients with 154 Tools, Techniques, Activities & Worksheets; PESI Publishing & Media; Workbook edition, September 1, 2014, ISBN-10: 1937661571, ISBN-13: 978-1937661571.

Iberlin, Jeanie M., Cultivating Mindfulness in the Classroom (The Classroom Strategies), Marzano Research, February 15, 2017, ISBN-10: 194336009X, ISBN-13: 978-1943360093.

Location: Online

Framingham State University - 3 Graduate Credits

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