Executive Functioning and Academic Achievement

Executive Functioning and Academic Achievement

Instructor Deborah Merriam

Course Number PRDV 78125

  • $ 57500

This course is designed to enable teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors PK-12 to effectively support students who may have challenges with executive functioning. The frontal lobe section of the brain may develop later in a child's life and is thought to be crucial in decision making, organization, impulse control, and conceptualizing novel situations (executive functions). Supporting P-12 students' academic growth and achievement effectively depends on appropriate educational strategies related to executive functions. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of student executive function strengths and challenges. Through interactive discussions, reading current research, and reflective practice, participants will increase their understanding of effective interventions, strategies to strengthen student deficiencies in executive functioning, and ways to help students further hone existing executive function skills. Multicultural factors, diverse learning challenges, and educational settings PK – 12 will be explored.


Location: Online

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits 



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