Images of War Through Foreign Film

Images of War Through Foreign Film

Instructor Marilyn Berman

Course Number PRDV 77918

  • $ 57500

Foreign films provide us with the opportunity to gain insights into the social, political and historical situation of other nations and their citizens. Through the careful study of several films from the World War II era, we will identify and anlayze the impact of war on various cultures. In this course we will examine the films of Italy, France, England and Germany and the ways in which these films portray the political and historical moment. Films from other nations may also be viewed depending upon availability. We will look at films which show the country and their struggles both during and after the war.  We will also look at films from more recent wars and conflicts including the war in Afghanistan. 


Location: Onsite, Stoughton High School

Framingham State University - 3 Graduate Credits 

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