Understanding and Preventing Violence in Schools - Onsite

Understanding and Preventing Violence in Schools - Onsite

Instructor Eileen Page

Course Number PRDV 79624

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The high risk personality with a propensity toward violence often leaves a trail of evidence that can potentially help thwart dangerous, destructive and maybe even fatal situations. This evidence is in the form of attitudes and behaviors, spoken and written language, as well as the nonverbal messages of one’s handwriting, drawings, scribbles and doodles. This course will explore current research studies about the many aspects of the volatile personality focusing on symptoms and both developmental and environmental causes. Some effective strategies for early intervention and preventative measures will also be discussed. This course has a topic that is of universal concern so it is applicable to all subjects and grade levels inclusive of nurses, ELL educators, special education, physical education, applied sciences, art, music, and vocational. 

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Location: Onsite

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits