Teaching Science Through the Inquiry Process

Teaching Science Through the Inquiry Process

Instructor Tim Twohig

Course Number PRDV 74717

  • $ 59500

"Teaching Science through the inquiry process" is a 3-credit course focusing on inquiry-based learning and scientific discourse.  At its simplest, scientific inquiry is the way in which scientist examine the natural world and attempt to explain their observations.  In many cases, an answer leads to further questions.  The National Science  Teachers Association (NSTA) recommends that all K-16 teachers embrace scientific inquiry in their classroom in order to help ensure that students develop a deep understanding of science.  The course  explores the current pedagogical model of scientific inquiry.  Participants will examine the different levels of inquiry, discuss potential obstacles when implementing an inquiry -based classroom, and identify ways in which inquiry can be extended to other subjects.

Note:  All course material will be provided online.

Location: Online 

Framingham State University - 3 graduate credits 



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